BASNEWS | 04.06.2017
Female Circumcisions or Female Genital Mutilation in Kurdistan
Circumcision is defined as cutting of female external genitalia which is carried out by traditional...
WEEKLY STANDARD | 17.06.2015
Confronting FGM in Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan
Female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C) exists in the Islamic Republic of Iran even...
stopfgmmideast | 20.05.2015
Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan: Paying a visit to a Mullah who promoted FGM
The shock was great when the Iraqi Kurdish Xelk Media Network reported about a Kurdish Mullah...
THE TELEGRAPH | 04.03.2015
"If they mutilate my granddaughter? I’ll kill them’. Meet Iraqi village ending FGM
Amirah vividly recalls the day she was taken into a bathroom by the village midwife and forced to...
biomedcentral | 06.02.2015
The diversity of Kurdish women’s perspectives of female genital mutilation
The 6th February is marked by the United Nations sponsored awareness day, International...
WADI | 10.02.2015
International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM in the Kurdistan Parliament
Wadi, UNICEF and the High Council of Women Affairs launched an event about how...
stopfgmmideast | 05.02.2015
Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM: We need more campaigns in Asia
On the fifth official International Day of Zero Tolerance to female genital mutilation (FGM)...
WADI | 02.02.2015
Four new TV-spots Wadi has produced supported by UNICEF
as part of the ongoing campaign to eliminate FGM in Iraqi-Kurdistan. These spots will be aired by different TV stations...
Female Genital Mutilation a Growing Problem in Iran
The hideous practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is neither an exclusively Muslim nor a...
ORCHIDPROJECT | 17.12.2014
KMEWO Event on FGC
On November 13th 2014, the Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women Organisation (KMEWO)...
WADI | 09.12.2014
Radio feature on WADI’s efforts to improve the situation of Free FGM Villages in Iraqi-Kurdistan
“Fichar” program at Radio Deng, an independent Radio station in Kalar, did a feature on WADI as...
WADI | 03.12.2014
Kurdish FGM-Free Village invited to Talkshow
Kurdistan's first FGM-free village as talk show guests on 'Binewshe" (KurdSat TV) to... | 18.10.2014
A Kurdish girl's story of Female genital mutilation FGM in Iraqi Kurdistan
As we all know from news reports from the region, the people of Iraqi Kurdistan have been...
TRUST.ORG | 09.09.2014
Iraqi Kurdistan could end FGM in a generation - expert
Female genital mutilation could be eradicated in Iraqi Kurdistan within a generation, a U.N...
The Guardian | 08.09.2014
Majority in Iraqi Kurdistan oppose female genital mutilation
Survey reveals widespread knowledge of FGM's dangers, with 68% of people saying it...
stop fgm mideast | 29.07.2014
FGM in Iraq: The hoax of a hoax?
Last week a statement by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was circulating in Arab...
WADI BLOG | 22.07.2014
Islamic caliphate labels female genital mutilation obligatory
Recently the Islamic state issued a fatwa which called female genital mutilation a religious...
WADI | 14.07.2014
One in four women in Central and Southern Iraq is affected by Female Genital Mutilation, new study suggests
A first independent study on female genital mutilation in central/southern Iraq finds that...
HIVOS | 13.06.2014
Kurdish villages declare themselves FGM-free
For ten years, Hivos partner WADI has been campaigning against female genital...
wadi | 05.06.2014
Cooperation agreement between UNICEF and WADI to combat FGM in Northern Iraq
UNICEF and WADI just signed a contract to boost the ongoing...
Gatestone Inst. | 07.05.2014
Solidarity Against Female Genital Mutilation
"No victim files charges against her own parents." — Rayeyeh Mozafarian, University of Shiraz...
stopfgmmideast | 30.04.2014
Second Middle East Conference on FGM to tackle myths
The Second Middle East & Asia Conference on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by WADI and...
opendemocracy | 14.02.2014
Embracing shame: turning honour on its head
The challenge that embracing shame poses to the longstanding perversion of honour, is the... | 10.02.2014
Continues battle against Female Genital Mutilation FGM in Iraqi Kurdistan
For many years, people have believed that practicing of female genital mutilation (FGM) is...
wadi | 05.02.2014
Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation; Action in Asia is needed
On the fourth official International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female genital mutilation (FGM), the...
RUDAW.NET | 27.01.2014
A Slow Fight for Kurdistan’s Women
“It is like digging a well with a fingernail. Our work is very slow. But we did make progress.”
DEUTSCHE WELLE | 09.12.2013
Iraqi Kurdistan fights female circumcision
Female circumcision is slowly declining in Iraqi Kurdistan. Years of campaigning and a law...
RUDAW.NET | 29.11.2013
Kurdistan Premier: Stronger Policies Needed to Combat Gender Violence
Two years ago the KRG passed a law banning violence against women including genital...
BBC | 07.11.2013
BBC-Documentary: Dropping the Knife; The Fight against FGM
A BBC-Documentary: Dropping the knife; the fight against FGM...
CPT | 04.11.2013
IRAQI KURDISTAN: WADI shifts attitudes toward Female Genital Mutilation
On 30 October 2013, CPT’s partner organization, WADI Iraq office, organized a press...
AL-MONITOR | 02.11.2013
Female Circumcision Continues in Iraqi Kurdistan
Despite the efforts of Kurdish civil society organizations and the media to shed light on the...
HIVOS | 27.10.2013
WADI’s ground-breaking campaign against FGM: interview
Falah Moradhkin is WADI’s project coordinator in Iraq. He was one of the few who survived a...
BBC RADIO | 25.10.2013
Kurdistan's success in stemming Female Genital Mutilation
Kurdistan is one of Iraq's rare success stories, the region has enjoyed an oil boom and...
GULFNEWS.COM | 24.10.2013
How Kurdistan ended female genital mutilation
Two years ago, FGM was banned as part of a wide-ranging law to improve women’s rights...
the guardian | 24.10.2013
FGM: the film that changed the law in Kurdistan
Two filmmakers spent almost a decade reporting the greatest taboo subject in Kurdish society...
BIOMED CENTRAL | 08.09.2013
Female genital mutilation among Iraqi Kurdish women: a cross-sectional study from Erbil city
Iraqi Kurdistan region is one of the areas where female genital...
wadi | 14.08.2013
Rate of FGM decreases in some regions of Iraqi Kurdistan
The British MP Gary Kent has traveled again to Iraqi-Kurdistan and recently wrote an article...
The Independent | 31.05.2013
Fighting against Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq
It is a misguided belief that Islam requires young women be circumcised...
CIP | 22.03.2013
The Global Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation Continues
A global campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation [FGM], often misnamed "female...
Kurdistantribune | 04.03.2013
Tackling Female Genital Mutilation in the Kurdistan Region
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is defined by the Word Health Organization (WHO) as...
UN Special | 06.02.2013
The long road to the first FGM-free villages in Iraq
According to a large survey conducted in 2009, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is...


Archived Articles


IRIN NEWS | 13.01.2012
Link between FGM/C and mental disorders
New data out of Iraq shows what many psychologists suspected though little research has...

WADI | 18.01.2012
1st ever conference on FGM in Middle East
FGM not merely an African problem; high rates in the Middle East...

Kirkuk Now | 08.02.2012
WADI: 50% of Kirkuk women circumcised
In its latest report on FGM, the German WADI says the circumcised women are facing...

AKNEWS | 16.02.2012
Religion involved in violence against women
The law for combating domestic violence is one of the most significant laws that Kurdistan... | 01.03.2012
An Underestimated Human Rights Issue: Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq
Female genital mutilation (FGM, hereinafter) is a form of gender-related violence that was ...

WADI | 09.04.2012
Study shows: FGM common in Kirkuk
For the first time, an empirical study proved that female genital mutilation is also prevalent in...

AKNEWS | 12.04.2012
Iraqi human rights committee calls on Kurdish counterpart to coordinate fight against female circumcision
A member of the human rights committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives today called on...

HIVOS | 04.05.2012
Dutch liberal MP labels Wadi’s anti FGM campaign ‘best practice’
Once in a while one gets support from an unexpected friend. It occurred this week when the...

RUDAW.nET | 03.05.2012
Female Circumcision Still Prevalent Among Some Kurdish Communities
Around 34 percent of women in the ethnically diverse city of Kirkuk have been circumcised...

Sama Tata | 05.06.2012
FGM remains a problem in Iraqi Kurdistan and beyond
While much research exists on the prevalence of FGM in Africa, “the existence of FGM/C in the...

THE SUN DAILY | 21.06.2012
Women's rights law no match for Kurdish tradition
In June 2011, Iraqi Kurdistan passed a landmark law that criminalised female circumcision...

GATESTONE | 29.06.2012
Campaign Against FGM in Iraq and Middle East
Among Iraqi Arabs in a recent sample, it is common for the fathers of prospective husband...

Human Rights Watch | 29.08.2012
Iraqi Kurdistan: Law Banning FGM Not Being Enforced
The practice of female genital mutilation continues in the Kurdistan region of Iraq a year...

REUTERS | 17.10.2012
Fighting female genital mutilation, one Kurdish village at a time
Amena practiced female genital mutilation in her remote village in Iraqi Kurdistan for so many...

Stop the mutilation of women
,I call on mothers and sisters to help stop the mutilation of women.'' That was the very...

CPT Iraqi Kurdistan | 19.12.2012
Profile of courage: Shanga Rahim Karim
Three years ago, while attending a meeting at WOLA, a women's legal assistance organisation...

Associated Press | 20.12.2012
UN unanimously calls for global ban on centuries-old practice of female genital mutilation
UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution Thursday...

Iraq Updates | 17.10.2012
38% of Kirkuk Girls Are Circumcised
According to a statistic by (Pana) center 38% of girls in Kirkuk are circumcised, according to the...


RUDAW.nET | 05.02.2011
Female Circumcision Prohibited Says Islamic Law Professor
Dr. Mustafa Zalmi, a leading Kurdish Shariah law expert, has said female circumcision...

sargasso | 18.02.2011
"Vrouwenbesnijdenis vooral een probleem in moslimlanden"
Thomas von den Osten-Sacken van de Iraaks-Duitse mensenrechtenorganisatie...

US STATE DEP. | 08.04.2011
2010 Human Rights Report Iraq
Female genital mutilation (FGM) is not illegal and is a common practice particularly in the rural...

kurdish globe | 17.04.2011
Campaign to end the pain
A health awareness campaign becomes a stepping stone to a FGM-free generation...

AKNEWS | 19.06.2011
Bill to ban female genital mutilation before parliament
The Kurdistan parliament will discuss a bill on domestic violence tomorrow, which proposes the...

AKNEWS | 23.06.2011
Ban on female genital mutilation passed
For the first time in Iraqi Kurdistan women are protected by a new law against some of...

Human Rights Watch | 25.07.2011
Iraqi Kurdistan: Law Banning FGM a Positive Step
Bill Shows Commitment to End Violence Against Women...

STOP FGM - the BLOG | 15.08.2011
Female Genital Mutilation “is an obligation” says Mullah
A mullah in Iraqi-Kurdistan talked in a Friday sermon about the new bill against domestic violence...

HUDSON NEW YORK | 18.08.2011
Female Genital Mutilation "An Obligation" According to Iraqi Muslim Cleric
In June, the parliament of Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) adopted a...

SCIELO ESPAÑA | 10.10.2011
Impact of psychological disorders after female genital mutilation among Kurdish girls in Northern Iraq

EYE SEE MEDIA | 08.11.2011
Iraqi Kurdistan: Free yourself from FGM – A new approach
In a remote village called Toutakhel, hidden amidst the endless hills of Kurdish...


A message from Iran
I have a message from Iran for you, written in a simple language, away from the many big words...

STOP FGM BLOG | 21.01.2010
The latest Human Rights Watch World Report
Human Rights Watch mentions FGM in Iraqi-Kurdistan twice in its latest World Report...

RUDAW.NET | 24.01.2010
HRW: Kurdistan fails to combat female circumcision
The recent 20th annual World Report of Human Rights Watch criticizes the Kurdistan Regional...

IWPR.NET | 11.02.2010
Female Circumcision Ban Urged
New survey reveals that majority of women in Kurdistan have undergone genital mutilation...

The Kurdish Globe | 21.02.2010
FGM, once a taboo now a breached silence
Encouraged by houses built by the KRG, Kulajo residents return home...

De Volkskrant | 24.02.2010
Meerderheid van Koerdische vrouwen in Irak is besneden
Besnijdenis van meisjes komt op grote schaal voor onder de Koerden in het noorden... (dutch)

HUDSON NEW YORK | 03.03.2010
"Such Hadiths Are Not Confirmed To Be Authentic"
The repellent and, in too few countries, prohibited, practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)...

UNHCR | 03.03.2010
Women's Rights in Middle East and North Africa 2010: Iraq
Iraqi women's rights advocates, men and women alike, began their struggle for equality...

The lancet | 06.03.2010
Reports focus on female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan
Campaigns against female genital mutilation have mainly targeted African nations, where most...

Human rights watch | 15.06.2010
Pictures about FGM in Kurdistan and the work of WADI
A significant number of girls and women in Iraqi Kurdistan suffer femalegenital mutilation (FGM)...

Human Rights Watch | 16.06.2010
Iraqi Kurdistan: Girls and Women Suffer Consequences of Female Genital Mutilation
Kurdistan Regional Government Should Outlaw the Practice...

Los angeles TIMES | 16.06.2010
Human Rights Watch slams high rates of female genital excision in Iraqi Kurdistan
“I still feel the fear,” Runak recalled as she told her story of undergoing genital excision at...

New york times | 16.06.2010
Kurdistan Is Urged to Ban Genital Cutting
SULAIMANIYA, Iraq: Human Rights Watch urged Kurdistan’s government on Wednesday to...

DAILYBEAST.COM | 17.06.2010
The Plight of Women in Northern Iraq
Violence in Iraq has abated. But in Kurdistan in the north, women continue to suffer. A new report...

GLOBALPOST | 21.06.2010
Shocking statistics on "female genital mutilation"
Female circumcision a good idea? Ask 73 percent of Kurdistani women... | 30.06.2010
Report: Female Circumcision in Iraqi Kurdistan Still High
For many young girls in the world, a life-changing experience might be reaching puberty or...

guardian | 05.07.2010
The razor and the damage done: female genital mutilation in Kurdish Iraq
Mixture of motives persuades villages to maintain practice that often leaves lasting effects on...

RUDAW.NET | 02.08.2010
Circumcised Girls Have Less Marriage Chance in Kurdistan
Muhammed Hassan, 22, is a single man who says one of the qualifications that his girlfriend...

AKNEWS | 02.08.2010
Religious fatwa on FGM practices may have negative consequences, says NGO
The representative of a German nongovernmental organization, WADI, stated the issued Fatwa...

FACEBOOK.COM | 13.08.2010
FGM - The Unsolved Riddle?
FGM has attracted a lot of attention after the publication of the HRW report, which came...

FACEBOOK.COM | 15.08.2010
Kurdish Cleric defends FGM as religious practice
Surgeon: Types 1 and 2 of FGM are medically permissible...

AKNEWS | 23.08.2010
Painting exhibition to campaign against FGM in Kurdistan
A painting exhibition was opened in Qaladze town on Sunday, 135 km north east of Sulaimaniya...

Human Rights Watch | 30.08.2010
Fighting Female Genital Mutilation
In Iraqi Kurdistan, 40 percent of women and girls between the ages of 14 and 22 have been...

AKNEWS | 31.10.2010
Demand to outlaw female circumcision in Kurdistan
The Kurdistan Health Ministry has planed for a conference on female circumcision practice in... | 27.11.2010
Kurdistan Takes Measures Against Gender-Based Violence
As Kurdistan is fast progressing, becoming democratized and westernized, it faces serious...

Aswat Al Iraq | 28.11.2010
41% of women in Iraq’s Kurdistan circumcised – survey
Some 41% of the women in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region were circumcised, a survey conducted... | 01.12.2010
Government Says 41 Percent of Kurdish Women Are Circumcised
A survey by the Kurdistan Ministry of Health shows that 41 percent of women have gone under the...

HUDSON NEW YORK | 06.12.2010
Iraqi Kurdistan Confronts Female Genital Mutilation
As reported to the Centre for Islamic Pluralism by the non-governmental organization...


Recently Published Articles about FGM in Iraqi-Kurdistan
We are glad to present here translated excerpts from various Kurdish newspapers, to update you on the...

ROSITAV.COM | 2.2009
Genital mutilation of Southern Kurdistan (1)
With the genital mutilation of girls at an early age is to control the future of women's feelings and sex drive...

ROSITAV.COM | 2.2009
Genital mutilation of Southern Kurdistan (2)
With the genital mutilation of girls at an early age is to control the future of women's feelings and sex drive...

RADIO NEDERLAND | 20.02.2009
Kurdistán combate la ablación del clítoris
La circuncisión femenina está avanzando en Kurdistán, en el norte de Irak, según un informe... (spanish)

TROUW | 05.03.2009
Koerdische media verbreken zwijgen rond vrouwenbesnijdenis
Voorpagina van de Koerdische krant Hawlati. Hawlati neemt het voortouw in de publieke campagne... (dutch)

HAWLATI | 08.03.2009
The Traditional Celebration of March the 8th is criticized
While In Kurdistan Region the 103 anniversary of the International Women’s Day is celebrated...

RADIO FREE EUROPE | 10.03.2009
Female Genital Mutilation said to be widespread in Iraq's, Irans's Kurdistan
Tahereh vividly remembers the day in her native town of Marivan in Iran when she was circumcised...

ROSITAV.COM | 3.2009
Genital mutilation of Southern Kurdistan (3)
With the genital mutilation of girls at an early age is to control the future of women's feelings and sex drive...

Dat zal ik mijn eigen dochter niet aandoen
Als Wadi, een vrouwenrechten organisatie, in 2007 met schokkende cijfers over... (dutch)

THE ATLANTIC | 14.04.2009
Face of the day
Iraqi Kurdish four-year-old Shwen screams during her circumcision in Suleimaniyah on April 14, 2009...

JEZEBEL.COM | 16.04.2009
Nigeriens, Iraqis Denounce Female Genital Mutilation
10 villages in Niger have publicly denounced the practice and...

RADIKAL | 24.05.2009
Nereden çıktı bu kadın sünneti?
Alman sivil toplum örgütü WADİ'nin haritasına göre kadın sünneti, Türkiye'nin ...

IWPR | 03.06.2009
Combating female circumcision
Activist describes challenges facing those trying to end the controversial practice in Iraqi Kurdistan...

WARIS DIRIE FD. | 16.06.2009
FGM in Iraq
Northern Iraq - Human rights organisation WADI estimates that 60 % of women in Iraq are subjected to FGM...

Al arabiya | 23.06.2009
Research: Most of women in Iraqi-Kurdistan are circumcised
Relief organization started campaign against FGM... (arabic)

KURDISH HERALD | 04.08.2009
Combating female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan
As the first organization in Iraqi Kurdistan to open a women’s shelter, WADI is an authority on women’s issues...

KURDISH HERALD | 05.09.2009
Ms. Arian Arif – a woman's strength cannot be hidden
If you entered a room full of women, she would instantly be the one who captures your attention...

TROUW | 12.11.2009
In deel Koerdistan zijn bijna alle vrouwen besneden
Ruim 85 procent van de vrouwen in het Koerdische noorden van Irak is besneden, uit traditie of in naam van de islam... (dutch)

Female Genital Mutilation is NOT an African problem!
Due to the tireless work of the organisation WADI e.V. the dimension of Female Genital Mutilation in Middle East becomes more and more clear...

Working to Reduce Female Genital Mutilation in Kurdistan
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is recognised internationally as a violation of the human rights...


TIME MAGAZINE | 04.01.2008
An End to Female Genital Cutting?
These are busy times for Pakhshan Zangana. Head of the women's caucus in the Iraqi Kurdish...

KURDISH MEDIA | 07.02.2008
Kurdish woman are also victims of circumcision

Kurdish anthropologist Kameel Ahmady wrote several articles about gender and studied this subject...

WADI | 08.2008
Debate about Female Genital Mutilation in Kurdish Newspaper
The independent Kurdish Newspaper Hawlati published recently some articles debating Female Genital...

AFP | 23.11.2008
Iraq's Kurdish areas prepare to ban female circumcision

Parliament in Iraq's northern autonomous region of Kurdistan is preparing to outlaw female...

WASHINGTON POST | 29.12.2008
For Kurdish Girls, a Painful Ancient Ritual

The Widespread Practice of Female Circumcision in Iraq's North Highlights. The Plight of Women...


NATIONAL REVIEW | 06.03.2007
A Good Sign in Iraqi Kurdistan

Is Female Genital Mutilation an Islamic Problem?


THE WORLD/BBC NEWS| 02.01.2006
Practice of female circumcision in Northern Iraq

USAID | 05.10.2006
Iraqi Civil Society Advocates Against Harmful Practices

IRIN NEWS – UN | 02.02.2006
Middle East:FGM still largely an unknown quantity in Arab world


IRIN NEWS – UN | 07.01.2005
Survey suggests widespread female circumcision in Germian region

RADIO FREE EUROPE | 21.01.2005
Iraq: Study Says Female Genital Mutilation Widespread In North

THE DAILY AZTEC | 02.02.2005
United States should not turn blind eye to female genital mutilation

Iraq: Decades of suffering, Now women deserve better

Female circumcision surfaces in Iraq

Ancient practices still a threat to Iraqi women

THE IRISH TIMES | 25.10.2005
Study provides proof of female genital mutilation in Middle East


WOMENS NEWS| 21.08.2004
Genital mutilation is traditional in Iraqi Kurdistan